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Wang Meng's products

Shouguang Wang Meng agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Shouguang wang meng agricultural technology co. LTD.
  Shouguang Wang Meng agricultural science and technology co., LTD. Is the greenhouse skeleton quilts, greenhouses, greenhouse construction in a body s enterprise, to provide modern greenhouse construction, planting, breeding, ecology garden needed materials and equipment, for customers to build a first-class greenhouse engineering. Good quality, good reputation, favorable price, serious work atti..

Five advantages

Main types of greenhouse greenhouses, glass greenhouse, sunlight greenhouse, ecological restaurant, intelligent greenhouse, greenhouse greenhouses and other engineering design and construction.
Greenhouse engineering industry has many years of experience, adhere to the "self development, self development" entrepreneurial road, many years of development and innovation, quality and stability.
Wang Mengqiang's big operation team, perfect after-sales service, to ensure that the day to solve your problems, let you worry.
The company is strong in technology, professional and quick in construction, designs and builds all kinds of warm winter greenhouse in line with local conditions.
With the aim of "reputation first, quality first, service first, price reasonable", we sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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