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Three elements of greenhouse construction construction

       The appearance of the greenhouse vegetable planting that turn over season is no longer a problem, let s table can taste anti-season vegetables, but the greenhouse in the process of engineering construction in order to ensure the safety of the constructed greenhouse engineering practical, can meet various functional requirements of the customer, need to pay attention to three main factors in the construction.
       1. Safety
       Under the conditions of normal construction and normal application, the greenhouse engineering structure should be able to withstand various loads and deformation without damage. After the accident happens, the structure can still maintain the necessary overall stability. For example: greenhouse engineering steel structure by gravity, wind and snow loads at ordinary times, should be strong not bad, and in case of strong earthquake and explosion accident, allow local damage, but should maintain the overall stability and not collapsed. Now, with the development of agricultural modernization, all kinds of greenhouse projects are basically steel skeletons, so we need to ensure that the steel skeleton is strong and durable. 
       2. Durability
       Under the condition of normal maintenance, the structure should be able to meet various functional requirements within the expected service life, that is, it should have sufficient durability. For example, it does not affect the service life of the structure due to the corrosion of steel and the backlogs of universities. To meet the durability requirements of greenhouse engineering, we need to choose materials with high quality in selecting materials. 
       3. Applicability
       Design to build a greenhouse engineering and design there is a vast difference between building a steel structure, building a steel structure design, you may be in order to the factory or warehouse, the purpose of the basic can meet the needs of people. But designing a greenhouse is different, and the most important thing you can do to meet your needs is to meet the plant s normal needs. If a greenhouse project is not designed to meet the requirements of plant illumination, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration, such a design is a failure.

       Believe that through the above introduction we for greenhouse red safety, durability and suitability for construction projects have a clear understanding of three main factors, hope when considering construction of greenhouse works don t blindly pursue cheap, but more to consider these three factors.