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Covering method of cotton quilt in greenhouse is also very important

        With the rapid development of greenhouse project, the application of greenhouse quilt is more and more. What we want to tell you in this edition is that the product coverage is also exquisite. What should we do? You will understand after reading the following article.
        With the rapid development of greenhouse project, the application of greenhouse quilt is more and more. In this small edition, Wangmeng Agriculture is a professional manufacturer of greenhouse quilt. Our manufacturer tells you that after covering the quilt, we should cover it with a waterproof film. After snowfall, we should clean up the snow in time according to the actual situation. Clean up and roll up safely. In case of frost or fog, in order to prevent damage to the cotton quilt in the greenhouse, it is necessary to let the sun shine for a period of time before rolling up.
        If the plastic film of the greenhouse is damaged accidentally, if the snow is frosted and the cold weather is strong, it may freeze the cotton quilt and waterproof film of the greenhouse, causing unnecessary troubles such as unable to clean up, material life decline and so on.
        The temperature of the greenhouse is higher than that of the lower part. After the plot is selected, the overall planning and layout of the greenhouse should be carried out, and the direction of the greenhouse should be determined. Sunlight greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse adopts the East-West direction, building a wall on the surface of the greenhouse, greenhouse quilt is selected to be kept on the back wall after sunshine drying or transported home to be sealed with waterproof film for preservation, greenhouse quilt is carried lightly in the transport process, and the temperature in winter greenhouse is low, especially at night.
        Above is the cotton quilt covering method introduced by Xiaobian. I hope the above article can bring you some hints and help. In addition, if you have other knowledge about products, you can contact us.

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