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How does the glass greenhouse project achieve fine management

       Glass greenhouse production was conducted in a closed condition, surface evaporation and crop transpiration of water cannot be ruled out, can only exist in the greenhouse, so lead to the humidity inside the greenhouse humidity is higher than the open field. In glass greenhouse, the humidity of air in the greenhouse causes crop diseases. Therefore, the glass greenhouse must be scientifically managed for indoor humidity. Glass greenhouse interior configuration of intelligent greenhouse environment monitoring system for full details of real-time monitoring indoor humidity, ventilation in time to reduce the humidity, reduce the occurrence of crop disease, improve the crop growth rate.
       Today, we will discuss the common methods to reduce the humidity in greenhouse.
       1. Natural ventilation method: as far as possible to ensure that seedlings are not damaged by freezing, they should be ventilated as much as possible to speed up the exchange of air circulation in the greenhouse.
       2. Ground covering method: that is, the furrow and trench are covered with mulch, which can reduce the humidity in the greenhouse by 20-30% by reducing evaporation on the ground.
       3.greenhouses day membrane with or drip-proof agent: plastic film greenhouse film with water or drip-proof plastic film processing, to prevent the occurrence of the condition of the rain  in greenhouses, drip-proof agent is a kind of drug, spray on the thin film has the function of the plastic film.
       4. Prevention and treatment of disease-free drugs: the use of soil and smoke to prevent and control pests and diseases. It can effectively prevent and control pests and diseases, and control soil moisture and air humidity.

       To sum up, it is not enough to reduce the high humidity in the greenhouse, and it is necessary to use various methods to achieve the goal of reducing humidity.