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How to use the cotton quilt properly?

       Cold winter greenhouse quilt is essential for farmers, can improve the temperature within greenhouse, ensure the normal order of the crop growth, so the correct reasonable use of greenhouse quilt is very important.
       Antifreeze, must strengthen the heat preservation in winter, the cold winter weather cold, low temperature, strong wind weather is frequent, prevent vegetable from being hurt by the low temperature, therefore, greenhouse quilt is so important in warm warm. In the production, the farmers adopt the multi-repetition cover cultivation technique, which is to cover the surface layer and increase the heat capacity of the soil.
       It can effectively adjust the indoor temperature in the winter tent. But in order to more scientific thermometer should be suspended, indoor thermometer should be hanging in the upper plant, different parts of the air temperature during the day and are highly basic is proportional to the relationship, especially when plants flourish and higher. Due to the shading effect of the branches, the temperature drop gradient is obvious from the growth point to the ground. To increase light intensity and extend the time of illumination.
       The humidity in the shed is the main cause of the pathogen, so there are two ways to reduce the humidity in the shed. One is to cover the mulch with the planting line, or cover the wheat grass with the operation line, or the whole canopy cover the film to reduce the evaporation of soil water and reduce the humidity in the shed. The second is to adopt two methods of releasing the wind, to remove the humidity in the shed, and also to remove the harmful gas in the shed and increase the carbon dioxide concentration in the shed.

       The above is the correct and rational use of the cotton-quilt method, hope can be helpful to you.