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Climbing roller shutter machine

Climbing roller shutter machine
  • Brand :Wang Meng
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Detailed description

       The use technique of climbing roller shutter machine:
       1. After the light snow, if shed at night to 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature of facilities vegetables to consider on the quilt, it is recommended to use quilt instead of grass grid, then quilt heat preservation effect is better, both the quilt is done with shutter machine operation, save work relatively.
       2. The shutter, pressure hulls of items must be removed, shoveling snow clean curtain, should be careless if after the rain and snow were drenched is overweight, should first volume straight part of after being careless appropriate drying up the whole.
       3. It is strictly forbidden to have any person in the greenhouse under the transmission shaft and the main engine, under the transmission shaft and under the supporting frame, in case of an accident.
       4. When the covering material is rolled up, the roller curtain axis should be bent, and the roller should be put down. If there is oblique roll phenomenon or uneven volume, adjust the tightness and laying direction of straw curtain and bottom line in time.
       5. Monitor the operation of the rolling screen machine at any time during the process of use. If there is abnormal sound or phenomenon, check and remove it in time to prevent the machine from working with diseases.

       6. Do not leave after the power is switched on, and continue to work after the equipment volume is in place, so that the equipment and the integral scrolls are rolled down and rolled back or back, causing damage.