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Big five - axis roller curtain machine

Big five - axis roller curtain machine
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Detailed description

       Operation method of big five-axis roller shutter machine:
       1. Be responsible and careful in operation. There should be more than two persons in the operation of the roller curtain machine. During the operation, the operator shall not leave at will. Besides, there are no other personnel within five meters of the curtain machine. In order to avoid, the curtain machine in the use of the brake failure, the inverted bar and other accidents, resulting in personnel injury l. For the operation switch of the roller shutter machine, it should be installed in a prominent position to facilitate operation and ensure the safety and smooth operation of the work.

       2. Do good maintenance work. During installation and use, check the screws and other parts in the connection of the roller curtain machine, and make sure the machine is working properly. If a problem or malfunction occurs, a special person should be treated to avoid the damage caused by blind operation or the occurrence of a safety accident.