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Pole type roller shutter machine

Pole type roller shutter machine
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Detailed description

       Daily maintenance method of pole type roller shutter machine:
       1. The equipment during the installation process to shade the length of the rope, elastic adjustment, the curtain will roll up the grass in a straight line, in use process always adjust shutter rope, if the rope length not neat, grass curtain and elastic, roll up grass curtain will appear curve shape, in use can increase the shutter machine and the torque force of the scrolls, canopy shutter effect use effect or damage to the machine and the scroll.
       2. When the device is connected to the power supply, it will prevent the lack of a phase power supply. If the power supply is missing, the motor will be burnt.
       3. Its shell antirust paint falls off easily damaged, casing is easy to rust, and coil rod on both sides of inside and outside because of careless contact for a long time, the friction is bigger, the volume of stem rust layer falls off easily, cause the volume on both inner side and outside of the stem rust, and more summer rainfall, therefore, to timely brush anti-rust paint, of course, the conditional after unload canopy shutter machine maintenance is very necessary, also can be within the host and coil rod internal daub oil and lubricating oil.

       4. Check the pulley and shaft rotating device pawl rotation is flexible, flexible wire pulley hole and shaft wire whether rust and ratchet and pawl whether bolts rust, etc., if you have to rust removal and infuse lubricating oil makes it flexible rotation, if it is found that thread badly worn to replace belt wheel or axle.