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Lateral shutter machine

Lateral shutter machine
  • Brand :Wang Meng
  • Specifications :商谈
  • Price :据实

Detailed description

       Advantages of side roller shutter equipment:
       1. After using the equipment, it not only effectively reduces the labor intensity of operators, saves manpower, but also improves the efficiency of roller screen.
       2. After using the equipment, the operation process of the whole roll can be reduced to 8 minutes per day from the original manual operation for 2 hours.
       3. When the roll is rolled, the force can be evenly distributed, and the service life of grass curtain or cotton curtain can be extended.
       4. When using the equipment for roller curtain work, the rollers will be finished quickly and the roll will be spread quickly.
       5. The crimp of the device is very good, with long and long curly distance, good effect. Generally, it is driven by electric mode and has very good quality effect.
       6. The device itself is a kind of high mechanization degree of equipment, to use the automatic mode, leave out the trouble of manual operation, has quick start, uniform tensile characteristics, to ensure the normal shutter open and close.

       7. The vibration effect is also small, and the work efficiency is very simple, so it is easier to use.

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