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Water and fertilizer integrated machinery

Water and fertilizer integrated machinery
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Detailed description

       One mechanical water data acquisition through the soil temperature, soil moisture, soil salinity and PH meteorological sensors, such as soil for growing environment to collect the information such as temperature and humidity, salinity, PH, analyze the collected data, carried out according to the change of parameter control, remote automatic control irrigation system.
       The total amount of water can be used to control the two levels of water metering. One is to measure the total amount of water at the exit; The second is to calculate the water consumption of each branch in real time, and combine with the automatic control function of valve to realize the water consumption of each valve in the corresponding region.

       The real-time monitoring and running state system is equipped with water level meter and video monitoring, which can monitor the water supply situation in real time and issue water shortage warning in time. Valve automatic control function to automatic switch or manual control of valve, without manual duty, and improve water efficiency, effectively save cost.