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Water and fertilizer machine

Water and fertilizer machine
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Detailed description

       All-in-one is using water pressure system, water soluble solid or liquid fertilizer, according to the soil nutrient content and fertilizer regulation of crop variety, characteristics, with the fat of again with irrigation water, through a controlled water supply pipeline system, supplying, the compatibility, water through the pipe and drop head form drip irrigation, uniform, regular, quantitative, infiltration area crop root growth and development, make the main root soil always stay loose and appropriate moisture content, at the same time, according to the different vegetable fertilizer characteristics, environment and soil nutrient content in soil; The requirements for different growth periods of vegetables are designed according to the needs of different growth periods, and water and nutrient timing are quantitatively supplied to the crops directly.

       The application of water and fertilizer machine in modern agricultural production shows obvious advantages in the process of automatic precision irrigation, fertilization, saving labor and improving efficiency. All-in-one system mainly consists of the valve, water meter, water pump, automatic backwash filter system, intellectual fertilizer fertilizer applicator, pH/EC controller, fertilization cans, relief valve, solenoid valve, the field pipeline system, etc. All-in-one irrigation water suitable for facility agriculture base have been completed or meet the requirements of the construction of micro-irrigation facilities where application, want to have a fixed water and good water quality, water, groundwater, canals, such as reservoir, reservoir, etc.