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Intelligent seedling system

Intelligent seedling system
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Detailed description

       Smart seedling system will be set related winter heating equipment, boiler heater is equipped with or warm air furnace heating, heat preservation performance good daylighting of intelligent greenhouse is also need to configure the warming stove, etc. As for summer need to configure the relevant greenhouse ventilation system, achieve air circulation cooling, fan cooling equipment is the main water combination, plus inside and outside the sun-shade net system, to achieve greater cooling.

       Smart seedling system of air humidity control equipment installation: the top general in greenhouse can have skylights to achieve the purpose of ventilation, fan of greenhouse surrounding humidity control is also play a major role. The carbon dioxide generation device of the intelligent nursery system. Under certain conditions, it is necessary to install and increase the lighting equipment to achieve more light effect on planting crops. The intelligent seedling greenhouse greenhouse can be used to cultivate the cultivation of the cultivation with the cultivation of non-soil cultivation equipment. The greenhouse set up seedling equipment to reduce more labor costs.