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Space cotton insulation

Space cotton insulation
  • Brand :Wang Meng
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Detailed description

       Space cotton insulation by the use of advanced technological process of the production line, daily output is big, product contour artistic, texture soft, warm heat preservation effect is good, decay resistance, prevent ageing, small volume, light weight, easy to manage, service life can reach 10 to 15 years, and has the characteristics of recycled again. The space cotton insulation produced by our company has good absorbency and water permeability, light weight and easy to use.

       To space cotton insulation was able to secure the normal use, to the storage of science, only the correct storage can decrease The Times of replacement greenhouse quilt of saving costs, reduce the loss of the farmers. The mouse is a long-term storage of space cotton insulation is difficult to solve the problem, so everyone should be able to complete the rat, so that it does not cause irreparable damage to the thermal insulation. Since the space cotton insulation is dry, it is relatively dry, so it is easy to burn, so you should prevent fire hazards in all aspects. All space cotton insulation be afraid of, can make its internal damp cotton wool mildewy, long hair, even more serious can affect the use of the next, so we should be moisture proof measures, especially in the wet summer.

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