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New insulation quilt

New insulation quilt
  • Brand :Wang Meng
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Detailed description

       The new insulation is laid on the front slope of the greenhouse, which is mainly used for the night heat preservation of the greenhouse, so it is the first requirement for the new insulation to have good thermal insulation performance. The new insulation is required to be rolled up after sunrise and set down before sunset, so the corresponding thermal insulation system is also an active volume system. Therefore, the insulation material must be flexible material. It will always be new thermal insulation is installed in the open under the working conditions, therefore, request them to windproof, waterproof, ageing resistance, to adapt to the daily wind, rain, snow, hail and other natural climate conditions.

       New thermal insulation are shed is not easy, and the traditional mat after the establishment, in use process will produce burr, in the process of setting down easily broken plastic greenhouses, and new type of textile made of thermal insulation is smooth, texture soft, won t damage the greenhouse film. New thermal insulation used for chemical fiber production, specialized in surface radiation processing, in particular the corrosion degree of light, acid, alkaline environment corrosion is slow, so can be saved for a long time, not bad.

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