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The greenhouse quilt

The greenhouse quilt
  • Brand :Wang Meng
  • Specifications :商谈
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Detailed description

       Attention should be paid to the use of greenhouse cotton:
       1. The greenhouse cotton is gently lifted in the process of transportation. It is forbidden to tear, puncture and wear.
       2. Cover and cover the waterproof membrane. After snowing, the snow should be cleared in time and then rolled up again. If frost or frost is encountered, let the sun shine for a while and then roll up.
       3. If the greenhouse quilt is soaked by rain, it should be exposed to the sun for a period of time before being rolled up the next day.
       4. If the plastic film of the greenhouse is damaged, the cold weather may cause the greenhouse quilt to be frozen between the waterproof membrane. At this time, the sun should be exposed for a period of time until the ice is melted and then rolled up.

       5. The greenhouse cotton is kept in the rear wall after drying on a sunny day after dry.