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Insulation quilt

Insulation quilt
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Detailed description

       The four main points used in greenhouse heat preservation:
       1. It is necessary to keep the temperature in the greenhouse, first of all, the greenhouse should be kept dry. The second is that if the temperature in the greenhouse is less than 6 degrees Celsius, the heating furnace must be heated.
       2. need to effectively reduce the humidity in the greenhouse, cold snap in the winter weather, plants usually slow speed, plant root system activity is relatively small, so the plant water requirement is small, the farmers should try not to watering, if must be watered in membrane under the water, don t pour water, also to instant fertilizer fertilizer, and the concentration is lower.
       3. need to pay attention to the prevention and treatment of diseases, because in the winter, in greenhouses plant for a long time in low temperature condition, the chilling injury can make vegetables growth capacity greatly reduce, thereby reducing resistance, prone to disease and disease such as mould. Therefore, farmers should detect diseases early and prevent them in time. In case of prevention and treatment, it is better to use smoke agent or dust agent.

       4. Effective lighting needs to be increased. First, farmers should regularly wipe the ceiling membrane and improve the transmittance of the canopy membrane. Secondly, farmers also need to adjust plant production to remove diseased leaves and old leaves to improve ventilation and transmission performance between plants. And then there should be a reflective curtain in the back wall. Finally note in the cloudy day without snow, the same should be open to shed heat preservation, because of the greenhouse vegetables also need more scattered light, if conditional still can use the light bulb, because use can increase the rate of plant see light bulb can also increase of temperature in the greenhouse.