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Cylindrical soil culture

Cylindrical soil culture
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Detailed description

       The clean, pollution-free and nutritious fruits and vegetables grown in cylindrical soil are better in quality and taste than those grown in the soil, and can be sold at a higher price. The system tomatoes, for example, bright color, appearance beautiful, sweet taste, high content of vitamin C and A, effectively avoid soil microbial pollution sources, such as pesticide, atmosphere, quality is very good. In addition, uncultivated fruits and vegetables can also create new market opportunities, for example, the sale of even root fresh lettuce and grown on the vine fruits and vegetables.
       Cylindrical soilless cultivation using microcomputer control the fluid temperature, temperature, PH, EC value (conductivity), and other data, and the data timely feedback to the work station, at the same time, the cycle of nutrient solution and the adjustment of environmental temperature is also handled by microcomputer, a high degree of automation, operators need to master the technical requirement is lower, easy to operate.

       Cylindrical soilless cultivation of crops planted in the planting in the above the ground directly, do not touch the ground, therefore, can effectively control the spread of soil spread diseases and insect pests, reducing the spraying pesticide for prevention and treatment of diseases, to further improve the quality of vegetables of health, will be more people welcome.

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