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Soil - free cultivation equipment

Soil - free cultivation equipment
  • Brand :Wang Meng
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Detailed description

        Soilless cultivation equipment by general bottom tank, form a complete set of tank wall, four different flat square engraftment and bowls, hydroponic cultivation purpose planting cup, non-woven bags, impervious membrane matrix and so on, according to the different cultivation USES also form a complete set of stainless steel stents and nutrient solution used for the liquid pipeline system, etc.
        Advantages of using soil - free cultivation equipment for planting:
        1. Improve the quality of vegetables;
        2. Avoid soil connectivity;
        3. Increase vegetable production;
        4. Save fertilizer, water and labor;
        5. Make full use of land resources;

        6. Fewer pests and diseases and pollution-free production process;