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Soil - free cultivation techniques

Soil - free cultivation techniques
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Detailed description

       Soilless cultivation technique refers to the cultivation method of using nutrient solution for irrigation after planting. Because of soilless culture is rhizosphere of creating good environment to replace the soil environment, effectively prevent soil continuous cropping diseases and physiological disorder caused by soil salt accumulation, fully meet crops on mineral nutrition, water, gas and other environmental conditions, cultivation with the basic material and can be recycled, so has the province water, fertilizer, save work, the characteristics of high yield and good quality.
       Soilless cultivation technology without soil, weak dependency matrix, besides need matrix with fixed root seedling process, according to different crop varieties, the crops grown in the whole process of the dependence of the substrate is different also, overall weak dependence, avoids the cultivation matrix using the exist of peat and rock wool matrix is expensive, resource depletion, landscape and ecological environment destruction, environmental pollution and other issues.

       The precise control and real-time control function of the non-soil culture technology enables the crops to obtain the right amount of nutrients, and to test and control the ph of the nutrient solution more conveniently and quickly. This greatly reduces the manpower input, makes the agricultural planting realizes the higher degree of automation, is the soil culture technology innovation. There is no soil in the soil, reducing the use of agro-chemicals, reducing the cost of crop loss and controlling the disease, and eliminating the trouble of weeding.