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Water is cultivated without soil

Water is cultivated without soil
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Detailed description

       The advantages of cultivated leafy vegetables with hydro-cultivated soil:
       1. Adapt to the market demand, and make annual cultivation on the same site: leafy vegetables are not easy to store, but to meet the market demand, annual production is required. Soil culture leaf vegetables low-toxin chemical operation trival, need to make a furrow soil preparation, planting fertilization, the work, such as water and soilless cultivation alternate husbandry is very simple, just put the seedling inserted in the planting hole, such as lettuce, every day, 365 days a year can be seeding, planting, harvesting. Continuous production without interruption. Therefore, it is convenient to arrange the stubble for soil cultivation, which is suitable for planning and production.
       2. Good quality: leafy vegetables such as lettuce and lettuce are mainly raw food, which requires fresh, clean and pollution-free products. Planting vegetables easily affected by environmental pollution, soil is stained with dirt, cleaning up inconvenient, and hydroponic soilless cultivation leaf vegetables analogy soil culture leaf vegetables are of good quality and clean, fresh, taste good, good quality.

       3. High economic benefits can prevent the continuous damage, and the compound index is high. The facility transfer rate is up to 20 stubble a year, the production economic benefit is high, for this reason the general leafy vegetables often adopt the method of paddy soil cultivation.