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Aerosol cultivation

Aerosol cultivation
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Detailed description

       Aerosol culture is the root system that compresses the nutrient solution into the aerosol and is sprayed directly into the plant. The root system is suspended in the space of the container. It is usually made of polypropylene foam, which is drilled at a certain distance to grow crops in the hole. The two foam plates are formed into a triangle, forming a space for the liquid pipe to pass through the triangular space and spray to the suspended roots.

       For a few seconds at intervals of 2-3 minutes, the nutrient solution circulates and ensures sufficient oxygen in the root system. But the high cost of equipment, this method need to consume large amounts of electric energy, and cannot be a power outage, there is no room for the buffer, also limited to scientific research and application, not to carry on the large-scale production, so it is best not to use this method. The plant mechanism of aerosol cultivation method is similar to that of hydroponics.

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