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Flat - spread soilless culture

Flat - spread soilless culture
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Detailed description

       Flat soilless cultivation of plants to grow in all kinds of cultivation device with nutrient solution, or growing in full of nutrient solution matrix and plant nutrient solution provides nutrients, do not use the ordinary organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. It is beneficial to the root system and development of the root system to protect the root system without damage. Must be watered regularly after the emergence of nutrient solution, the nutrient solution contains all the nutrients they need to plant growth, a large number of elements and trace elements ratio is reasonable, can maximum limit satisfy the needs of plant growth.
       At the same time, the various elements in the nutrient solution are very controllable, and the proportion of various elements in the nutrient solution can be determined by the external form of the plant. For example, plant growth is slow, small; Leaves are lighter in color, smaller in leaf, yellow in severe time, old and hard, or even withering, which is the lack of nitrogen. This phenomenon is first manifested in the plant lower leaf blade and so on gradually moving upward. When the tomato is short of nitrogen, the lower stems, petioles and veins will appear purplish red, resulting in the green fruit green and white, the red fruit will be dull, and the yield and quality will be reduced. When the plant is short of potassium, the growth of the underground part is significantly stagnant, first of all in the old leaf, the leaf margin is green and yellow, gradually brown, burning, the leaf margin is curly; The fruit will have dry spots, mature and uneven, with green areas. When the tomato is short of potassium, the fruit has edges, and the pulp is thin and hollow.