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Solid soil culture

Solid soil culture
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Detailed description

       Vertical soilless cultivation is getting the ground three-dimensional soilless cultivation mode of the traditional cultivation for greenhouses, economical use of land, suitable types of range, using three-dimensional soilless cultivation method, due to nutrient substrate can be arbitrarily selected according to the requirement, basic is not restricted by soil conditions. Whether the soil is fertile or not, it can be developed even on a barren slope, on a barren beach, or on a concrete floor, so long as the nutrient matrix meets the requirements, it can ensure the normal growth of the crop.
       Vertical soilless cultivation can effectively improve the quality, suitable for the development of tourism agriculture, especially for soil bacteria sensitive crop, once on the same piece of land planted in a row, soil bacteria would be a serious threat to crops. For many farmers, continuous cropping is either a land swap or crop rotation (an improper arrangement of the previous crop season may affect the production of the latter crop). In addition to the high yield and high efficiency, the solid foundation is used in the cultivation of soil and wood, which can effectively solve the difficult problem of crop cultivation.

       By using vertical set-up for soilless culture of "product" word skeleton, each layer between each other is not blocked, so that each plant can be in sunshine, this is not only beneficial to crops on the absorption of nutrition, and the fruit color is even, commodity fruit rate can reach more than 93%. Three-dimensional planting in the process of growth, can according to crops in different stages of the physiological characteristics and the demand for water, use of facilities for lighting, ventilation, heat, humidity and so on to control the growth environment, crop growth and development is always in the best state.

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