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The Dutch model is cultivated without soil

The Dutch model is cultivated without soil
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Detailed description

       Dutch model soilless cultivation can realize crop precocious, increase crop yield, saving time and labor for also has the advantage of, because they do not need to be soil plowing, weeding, fertilizing, field management workload greatly reduced. Nutrient solution supply is also automatic control, improved working conditions and decreased labor intensity. Since the Dutch model is not used for farming and fertilizer, and it has fewer pests and diseases, it does not use pesticides in large quantities, so the products produced are safe and clean. Under artificial control, through scientific management to ensure the supply of nutrients and water, greatly reduced the waste of water, as a result, the Dutch model can cultivation than traditional soil cultivation, fertilization saving more than fifty percent.
       Dutch model soilless cultivation soil continuous cropping obstacle is avoided, the sites are in the process of cultivation, because some of the limitations, in order to obtain higher yield and benefit, caused by continuous cropping soil frequently appeared serious soil borne disease, soil salinity increase, the phenomenon such as soil acidification, and the Netherlands model cultivation can effectively avoid the phenomenon of the above. The Dutch model can make full use of land and space. Dutch model cultivation is suitable for factory production, and can be used in the roof, balcony and corridor for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and bonsai. Not only can you increase your income, you can beautify your environment and make your life more enjoyable.