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Greenhouse framework

Greenhouse framework
  • Brand :Wang Meng
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Detailed description

       Quality requirements of greenhouse framework:
       1. The surface of the scaffolding is smooth and the canopy film is not damaged, extending the service life of the shed membrane.
       2. Convenient transportation and installation. The height, radian, shoulder height and Angle can be flexibly bent by bending machine.
       3. The rubber and plastic caps on both ends of the scaffolding pipe are sealed with adhesive, covering the surface of the metal completely, and the parts of the plastic ceiling are not rusted in the underground part.
       4. There is no need for pillar in the middle of the scaffolding, which greatly increases the area of cultivation, and the accessories of hushed in anhui can be mechanized to save labor.
       5. The production efficiency is good. According to the span of the canopy, the diameter of the scaffold tube and the wall thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily; 3 people can produce 10,000 meters in a single class.

       6. The cost is low, depending on the span of the canopy and the small size.