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Greenhouse framework accessories

Greenhouse framework accessories
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Detailed description

       The greenhouse skeleton accessories need to be noted when changing:
       1. Pay attention to reduce humidity in the shed. When the humidity in the shed is large, there will be a lot of dew on the fruits of the vegetables. When the film is changed, the cold wind suddenly enters the shed, which can easily cause the fruit to brush. Therefore, it is better not to water in the two days before the change of film, in order to prevent the humidity in the shed too large, and also pay attention to clean the damp in the shed before replacing the membrane.
       2. When replacing parts, please find more people to help, shorten the time of replacement, and minimize the impact of replacement parts on vegetables.
After 3 films under cover, in a timely manner in the upper two gable films covered waste hulls, and good brick press, and then you can walk, and prevent farmers on or off the tent films to burst, at the same time also can prevent rain and snow day slip.
       3. Pressure membrane rope direct face, before the greenhouses in vegetable farmers put the careless or windy, makes the rope swing, film easy to shed film torn, only shed membrane permeability, reduce the films of the thermal insulation performance, when it rained, the rain from the break into the tent, the drop in vegetables, has adverse effects on the growth of vegetables. So farmers have to avoid pressure film rope will shed film torn, farmers can face in front of the tent to surface and turning point of the films in rags, rubber tube, PVC tube, etc., avoid squeeze film line contact with the films, so as to reduce the wear and tear films, films of the heat preservation performance.