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Greenhouse accessories

Greenhouse accessories
  • Brand :Wang Meng
  • Specifications :商谈
  • Price :据实

Detailed description

       The slot in the greenhouse is used for fixing the ceiling. It should be used together with the card spring, the connecting piece and the card slot fixer.
       Specification of wind proof card slot for greenhouse accessories:
       1. Depth: about 11 mm, the inside can also card film, anti-insect net, sunshade net, also can directly card double card spring. The groove structure of this product is different from the ordinary slot structure, it is not easy to slip, the wind resistance is better, the film is not easy to be blown away by the wind.
       2. Slot width: about 30mm, about 2 mm wider than the normal card slot.
       3. Length: 4 m
       4. Material: hot galvanized steel plate is cut and pressed, and the amount of zinc is 80g.
       5. Thickness: 0.7mm thick.

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