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Ecological hotel greenhouse framework

Ecological hotel greenhouse framework
  • Brand :Wang Meng
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Detailed description

       The performance of the greenhouse framework of ecological hotel:
       1, durable, strong solid surface, has excellent wind resistance, impact resistant ability, moreover the ecological greenhouse skeleton hotel built greenhouse heat, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, high comprehensive performance, is the best choice for building ecological greenhouse hotel.
       2. Antibacterial protection: the material itself not only does not breed bacteria, but also inhibits the survival of bacteria. If such as to build piggery, ecological greenhouse skeleton of piggery hotel wall waterproof and moistureproof, smooth surface, good flushing, improves the effect of disinfection, to eliminate the bacteria and microbe, if used for the field tent, can better inhibit bacteria, add more fun to the field of leisure life, also reduce the unnecessary trouble, has played a very good antibacterial hamper sex;

       3. Convenient installation: the greenhouse framework of the ecological hotel is convenient to be installed, and the construction mode is flexible. The length, height, radian and thickness of the greenhouse skeleton of the ecological hotel can be adjusted arbitrarily.