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Intelligent greenhouse engineering

Intelligent greenhouse engineering
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Detailed description

       The advanced technology of intelligent greenhouse engineering get better and faster application on agriculture, production of natural energy sources, the water-saving irrigation technology, formula fertilization, standardized production technology, can make much higher value-added products, more conducive to establishing a batch size of high quality agricultural products production base. Most of the vegetables produced in the smart greenhouse are sold to city dwellers. Nowadays, the living standards of urban residents are rising rapidly, and the hygienic safety, quality and commodity of vegetables are strictly required. Anti-season, pollution-free vegetables, melon and fruit are popular with the public, the price is often higher.

       The intelligent greenhouse project effectively USES the natural light energy in winter to produce high-quality anti-seasonal vegetables. The intelligent greenhouse greenhouse facility can complete the winter vegetable production. The greenhouse greenhouse has a large temperature difference and a long period of nutrition production. The quality of watermelon, melons and fruits and vegetables produced is greatly improved, and the yield is greatly increased. Reduce investment risk of planting industry, intelligent greenhouse scale planting, vegetable production and quality stability, economic benefit stability.