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Photovoltaic greenhouse project construction

Photovoltaic greenhouse project construction
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Detailed description

       Properly in the construction of solar greenhouse engineering design and scientific argumentation, the introduction of the photovoltaic cells should be benefits to the raise of crop yield and quality, otherwise both production and lower quality, is the equivalent of cultivated land area in disguised forms, and this is when photovoltaic greenhouses construction must avoid a problem. The introduction of photovoltaic cells cannot greatly increase the inhomogeneity of light in greenhouse. It has been mentioned that due to the existence of bright and dark areas in the intermittent photovoltaic greenhouse, the growth of crops will be affected. Therefore, when using the intermittent type photovoltaic greenhouses not to produce larger uneven illumination in the greenhouse, so as not to affect the growth of crops, reduce the production and quality of agricultural products, led to a disguised form of cultivated land.

       The introduction of photovoltaic cells can not increase the energy consumption of artificial lighting and artificial heating, otherwise, the benefits of photovoltaic power generation will not be compensated. Since the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the existing commercial photovoltaic cells is less than 20%, the efficiency of electro-optical conversion of the high-efficiency LED lamps used to fill the light is about 30%, and the efficiency of light-to-light conversion is 6%. Therefore, if the photovoltaic cells need to be artificially filled, the electricity generated by the photovoltaic cells is not enough to make up for the energy consumption. In addition, if additional artificial heating is required, even 100% of the electricity is used for heating, and only 20% of the sun s heat is generated. Therefore, it is totally useless to use photovoltaic power generation on the greenhouse roof for artificial lighting and artificial heating.