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Greenhouse construction

Greenhouse construction
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Detailed description

       In the process of greenhouse construction, the durability must be considered. Greenhouse durability is influenced by the aging properties of greenhouse materials and the bearing capacity of greenhouse structure. Pervious to light the durability of the material in addition to its own strength, but also in material light transmittance attenuation constantly with the extension of time, and the attenuation degree of light transmittance is a main factor influencing service life of pervious to light material.
Greenhouse engineering is a lighting building, so the transmittance is one of the most basic indicators to evaluate the transmission performance of greenhouse engineering. The transmittance is the percentage of the amount of light in the greenhouse and the amount of outdoor light. Greenhouse light transmittance by greenhouse pervious to light cover material pervious to light performance and the influence of the greenhouse skeleton shadow rate, and as the solar radiation Angle in different seasons of different, greenhouse light transmittance change over time. The direct influence factors of crop growth and selection of crop varieties are high and low.
       The heating energy consumption is the main obstacle to the winter operation of the greenhouse, and it is the most direct means to increase the efficiency of greenhouse production. The insulation ratio of greenhouse is a basic index to measure the thermal insulation performance of greenhouse. Greenhouse thermal insulation ratio refers to the ratio of the coverage area of the greenhouse with a small thermal resistance to the total area of the greenhouse enclosure with the larger thermal resistance. The larger the insulation ratio, the better the thermal insulation performance of the greenhouse.

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