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Domed greenhouse engineering

Domed greenhouse engineering
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Detailed description

       The round arch greenhouse project is welcomed by the users with beautiful arc and reasonable cost. The structure is small with steel and good insulation performance. It is a economical greenhouse which is suitable for most parts of China. Use double membrane more greenhouse in north China, the south more than choose single film greenhouse, after filling and film, can form a thick envelope, can effectively prevent heat loss and prevent the invasion of the cold air, still can greatly improve the greenhouse thermal insulation performance, save operating cost.

       Our company do circular arch greenhouse project in shandong province is one of the earliest companies in the industry, do film greenhouse, gross greenhouse arch at the beginning, and then development to circular arch greenhouse engineering, on the basis of the added intelligent control and automation window, temperature control system, such as intelligent management, greatly save manpower, material resources, financial resources, is a big change, the future of greenhouse engineering and choose our company, certainly not wrong. Circular arch greenhouse engineering is a kind of relatively save type greenhouse, of which main body skeleton is hot dip galvanized steel pipe and galvanized screw connection, anti-corrosion performance is good, no drop longevity membrane cover, cover material for polyethylene outer uv protection, inner set dew, quality assurance for 20 years, can also according to customer requirements with polycarbonate sunshine around the plate and hollow glass cover.