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Wenluo smart glass greenhouse

Wenluo smart glass greenhouse
  • Brand :Wang Meng
  • Specifications :商谈
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Detailed description

       Wen winding type intelligent glass greenhouse glass as the main pervious to light cover material, has the advantage of high light transmittance, single-layer float glass the euphotic rate > 90%, double hollow glass pervious to light at a rate of 80% above, light transmittance is stable, not with the passage of time make the transmittance drop, not into the water, good aging resistance, good anti condensation, heating speed and transparent appearance overall, long service life and operating space is large, good display effect, the low light, and geothermal energy and waste heat power plants.

       It is usually used for the cultivation of middle and high grade flowers and vegetables, scientific research greenhouse, ecological restaurant, flower market, sightseeing display, breeding, special breed and so on. Wen winding type intelligent glass greenhouse outside shading system can be used according to the requirements of form a complete set, the shading system, insulation system, the natural ventilation system, wet curtain fan forced cooling system, micro fog cooling system, irrigation system, CO2 compensatory system, lighting system, application system, heating system, circulation fan system, seedbed system, computer semi-automatic and automatic control system, the top spray system and other supporting facilities.