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Vegetable greenhouse

Vegetable greenhouse
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Detailed description

      The greenhouse greenhouse needs to be noticed during the construction process:
      1. Do not build a shed in the tuyere, which can effectively reduce the loss of heat and damage to the greenhouse.
      2. When building a large shed, it should be built in a wide and flat terrain, because it is good to choose such a place, and the low temperature is high, and the irrigation water is even.
      3. The soil in the construction of the greenhouse is mainly composed of sandy soil, because the soil temperature of sandy soil is high, which is very suitable for the growth of plants. The soil can be appropriately added to the sand and add organic fertilizer. The alkaline soil can be modified to build a greenhouse.
      4. The site selection of the greenhouse should not be selected in the fovea, where the wind tunnel can be built when the canopy is under construction, so that the crops will not be damaged due to poor ventilation.

      5. It is not possible to build large shelters in low-lying areas. First, the drainage ditch will be constructed to build a large shed. When the water level is too high, it should be filled with soil. Low ground temperature or too much water can hinder the growth of crops.

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