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Column type winter warm greenhouse greenhouse

Column type winter warm greenhouse greenhouse
  • Brand :Wang Meng
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Detailed description

       The advantages of column type winter greenhouse greenhouse:
       1. Reasonable adjustment was made to the front arch of the canopy, which effectively improved the precursors, increased the amount of sunlight, and increased the utilization rate of sunlight.
       2. The spine height is 4.2 meters high, which improves the overall lighting Angle and increases the volume of the shed.
       3. The volume of the shed is designed to increase, and the diurnal difference of carbon dioxide gas is relatively small, which is conducive to the growth of crops and the increase of crop yield.
       4. The proportion of lighting surface increases, and the lighting is better and faster.
       5. More space in the shed and more convenient operation and management.
       6. The heat storage and heat preservation performance is particularly good, and the temperature of the sixth generation of winter warm plastic greenhouse is more than 2.
       7. With the latest design of the space and air convection in the shed, the air convection distribution was improved, and the air convection distribution in the shed was adjusted, and the growth conditions of the crops were improved effectively.

       8. The structure is reasonable and durable, and the anti-storm and snow performance is particularly good.