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Detailed description

       The arch sheds can be divided into three types according to their structure:
       1. The large span column supported tunnel greenhouse using special cement column, galvanized steel pipe with thick wall bamboo canopy face frame, low cost, strong and durable, generally suitable for age season anti-season vegetables planting. The construction span is generally 12~23 meters and the construction height is 3~6 meters. In the north, two or three membranes can be added to the shed to increase nighttime temperatures. There are multiple columns in the shed, which is generally 3.6 meters in a row to enhance the compressive resistance. The roof can be laid with bamboo pole as the supporting material, and the steel pipe can be used as the supporting material.
       2. The whole steel frame is also known as "cold shed", and the structure of hot-galvanized steel frame is adopted. The distance between the main truss is 0.8~ 1.2m, the span is generally 6~12 meters, and the height is about 3.5 meters, which is convenient for construction and installation. Because of the lack of pillar support in the shed, the shape is beautiful, which greatly improves the lighting effect in the shed, which is conducive to mechanized operation and improves the utilization of land. To increase the tent body compressive performance in north China, it can add a row of the cross in the middle column, films using circlip card slot fixed, on both sides with a roll of film is the fresh skeleton by the use of a special fitting connection, overall no solder joints, skeleton also can use double string beam, shed stability is higher, the greenhouse generally suitable for spring, summer, autumn in the northern and southern region growing.

       3. Winter warm and large arch has heat preservation, covered with grass cover or quilt, which can increase the temperature in the winter shed, and grow fruit crops such as grapes and cherries. Compared with the earth wall solar greenhouse, this kind of greenhouse is low cost, strong and durable, and the effective utilization area can reach over 95%. The construction span is generally 20~30 meters and the construction height is 4~7 meters. The roof covers the grass cover, and can be placed on both sides. The ceiling is covered with heat preservation. The canopy is covered with a rain-proof floating film, which is waterproof and can improve the temperature inside the shed. The inside of the shed is lined with columns, and the inside of the shed is generally 3.6 meters long, which enhances the anti-pressure ability.

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