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Steel frame solar greenhouse greenhouse

Steel frame solar greenhouse greenhouse
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Detailed description

       Steel sunlight greenhouses without pillar support, the main truss beam welding structure with double string, canopy face with hot dip galvanized pipe transverse welding, the main truss spacing generally in 0.8 1.2 m or so, the wall structure of brick wall or wall.
       1. the use of double arch steel girder supports the shed surface, the shed surface space increases, improves the land utilization rate, convenient mechanization operation.
       2. The structure is stable, and the overall use of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and drawing steel girder greatly extends the service life and reduces the maintenance cost in the process of use.
       3. Steel frame solar greenhouse greenhouse can be equipped with cooling and heating facilities for vegetable planting, seedling breeding and so on.
       Technical parameters of steel frame solar greenhouse greenhouse:
       Span (w) : 8--16m.
       Length (L) : 60-120m, also can be extended indefinitely according to the location.

       Height (h) : 3-6m.